USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt & Dan Wolken Explain Why LeBron James, Not Michael Jordan, Will Be The G.O.A.T

On Wednesday, USA Today’s Sports’ Jeff Zillgitt, Mark Medina, Matt Eppers, and Larry Starks had the task of naming their top 75 list of all-time ahead of the 75th NBA season. On Thursday afternoon, U.S.A. Today’s Sports was on Twitter Spaces discussing their list when the conversation turned to who will be the G.O.A.T when it’s all said and done between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

“So, I was one of the five that put LeBron [James] number one,, and it was a difficult conversation that I had with myself, but It just comes down to the fact that I think LeBron James is just better at basketball. Certainly I grew up on Michael Jordan and I live through that whole era,” said Dan Wolken.

“So, I saw all the game and have a great appreciation for him, but I think LeBron [James] is just better at basketball period.”

Zillgitt added, “I think that is a good way to put it Dan and I know you can start like we said in the beginning weighing of championships, and MVPs. I was another one that voted LeBron James number one and I like his overall game better than and I do realize this is going to be up for debate after this conversation, and you probably are not going to sway anyone’s opinion. If you are entrenched in Jordan’s camp you are stuck there for eternity.”

If you asked Dallas Mavericks assistant coach, Darrell Armstrong, he will tell you that LeBron gave up his throne when he left Cleveland for Miami.

LeBron [James] left his throne in Cleveland to join two all-stars. So, don’t push anything with MJ or the last dance. Don’t even push him with Kobe [Bryant],” said Armstrong.

USA Today’s Mark Medina shared that he was one of those outliers that was team Jordan, but knows that LeBron James will eventually be the one.

“I think it is not even the ring count, I think there’s this trajectory and I’m looking at the moment in time,” said Medina.

“I still have MJ [Michael Jordan] you know the scoring and more season where he play better defensively than LeBron, but with what Dan said when it is all said and done we will view LeBron as a better player. However, in all fairness the career is not over yet and I think there are still things that he accomplish more beyond just the ring count.”

The start of the 75th NBA season starts later this month.

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Written by Landon Buford

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