Top 5 Outstanding songs That are currently Bringing Heat to the Music Industry

There will always be a supply of new music, but one thing you don’t find often is a new favorite song. Today, we’ll introduce the top 5 best songs that have been making waves in the music industry. The Songs listed below are from talented singers, Rappers, songwriters, and musicians worldwide. 

Listed below is the list of all our top 5 songs that have been making waves in the music industry. Check out our top 5 outstanding songs below:

  • Joe Write – My Reflection

Joe Write’s “My Reflection” is a song dedicated to the artist’s father, thanking him for doing his best raising him as a kid. This new record fabulously hits the mark from the production, the incredible and relatable lyrics, and the flow that easily rides this beat to make for an enjoyable listening experience.

Check out Joe Write’s “My Reflection” on Spotify below:

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  • Justin Hughes – Out Of Sight

Justin Hughes’ “Out Of Sight” is an artistry that will last a lifetime. Justin Hughes shows his range as an artist with excellent vocals with a melodic touch that pushes the song forward to its rightful destination. The new song “Out Of Sight” is written, performed, produced, and mixed by Justin Hughes.

Stream Justin Hughes’ “Out Of Sight” on Spotify below:

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  • VortaxxVX – Take Me Home

The song “Take Me Home” From VortaxxVX was written to remind his fans not to be afraid of taking risks that take you a step forward and to ensure that you always stay optimistic about things. This timeless piece of audio goes beyond just great music but is a heartfelt art piece that people can enjoy and relate to daily. 

Check Out VortaxxVX’s “Take Me Home” on Spotify below:

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  • Jordan Joseph – Tidal Wave

Jordan Joseph’s “Tidal Wave” is a daring soulful masterpiece where all his talents are displayed, and his message to all his fans is told masterfully. The song does not contain swear words, and the incredible and relatable lyrics and the flow that rides this beat easily cannot be ignored.

Check Out Jordan Joseph’s “Tidal Wave” on Spotify below:

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  • Jaeger Lost – Alizé

Jaeger Lost’s “Alizé” is a record that runs it up. The supreme vocal skills of this talented artist deserve all the attention and praise garnered, with him providing a superb performance over this exciting instrumental that helped showcase his high skill level in audio form.

Check out Jaeger Lost’s “Alizé” on Soundcloud below:

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