Tim Grey Makes Toxic Beautiful With His Latest Release “Yuh!”

Nigerian-based artist Tim Grey is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who uses his rhythm, lyrics, and vocal tone to portray himself through music. He lays it all on the line to make a timeless body of work on the new song “Yuh!”. As an artist, it’s only natural to have particular songs and singles that are meaningful and moving. The soulful approach to the sound sets the ultimate tone, with you able to feel the music take form authentically.

Tim Grey’sGrey’s “Yuh!” is a melodic rap song detailing a tragic romantic relationship that the artist must have gone through. The rhymes hit home, and you can appreciate the beauty of the record in a significant way. “Yuh!”  is the 3rd track from his debut EP, “Brown Roofs.” This stellar body of work uses its time with the listener to give them that “more” in music we need now more than ever.

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