There’s Not Many Who’ve Won More Than Sue Bird, Says Nancy Lieberman

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The Seattle Storm are in Phoenix to take on the Mercury, which means it will be the final regular season matchup between future Hall of Famers Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. The two recently won their fifth gold medal in the 2020 Olympics, but Bird announced that she would not compete for Team USA Basketball in the 2024 Olympics.

Taurasi recently spoke about how Bird has been able to lay the foundation on and off the court. She also shared how her friend will be missed in Seattle as well as a member of Team USA Basketball, but hinted toward things to come Bird’s way.

Last year, fellow Olympian Nancy Lieberman shared that the Hall of Fame will be waiting for them when they decide to retire.

“You are talking about two of the most legendary players in the game, Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. ” Their careers mirrored each other even though Sue is about a year or two older,” said Lieberman.

“What they did in college, what they did professionally, and what they did as Olympians five times. That is unbelievable, and the Hall will be waiting when they are ready to step in.”

This past week, at the Big 3 in Fresco, Texas, Lieberman was asked to share her thoughts on Sue Bird deciding to retire when the WNBA season is over.

“Well, Sue is Sue! She has done that at such a high level worldwide: Olympics, WNBA, and College; I don’t know many people who have won more than Sue Bird. I’m proud of her and what she’s done, how she conducted herself, and the leader that she has become off the court and on the court.”

You can catch the game between the Storm and Mercury tonight on Amazon Prime. It was also announced that Bird and Taurasi would have a joint postgame press conference.

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Written by Landon Buford

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