thee B.P. Drops Upbeat and Ironic “Strike A Pose II” Single

Hip-hop artist thee B.P. has dropped his latest single, “Strike A Pose II,” following his famous original track. With a focus on the superficial tendencies of society, the rising rapper explores the balance between putting oneself out there and showing off, all while maintaining a carefree outlook on life and relationships.

Featuring an irresistible beat and dynamic flow, “Strike A Pose II” builds on the catchy vibe of its predecessor with an even more captivating melody that’s sure to get people moving. The track is a commentary on the innate human nature to flaunt and show off in art and everyday life.

Produced by HossyBeats and recorded with engineer Drawzilla, “Strike A Pose II” opens and closes with an instrumental piano melody, bookending the upbeat and ironic lyrics that encourage listeners to let go of the pressure to perform for others and instead put the fun back into showing off.

As thee B.P. puts it, “The song exposes people for flaunting while encouraging them to do so and making fun of myself for partaking in the same behavior.” With its catchy beat and relatable message, “Strike A Pose II” will surely be a hit.

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Written by LandonBuford Staff

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