The Scarlet Opera’s latest single, “Riot,” blends theatricality and raw energy.

The Scarlet Opera’s latest single, “Riot,” is a high-energy rock anthem that perfectly captures the band’s theatrical and cinematic style. The propulsive drumbeat and dynamic guitar and bass riffs create a driving rhythm that perfectly complements frontman Luka Bazulka’s powerful vocals. The chorus is catchy and memorable, with Bazulka crooning, “Oo, I kinda like it, gets me excited, let’s start a riot, we could start a riot.”

The Scarlet Opera’s unique blend of rock, theatre, and glam is unlike anything else, and “Riot” is a perfect example of the band’s signature sound. The lyrics of “Riot” are provocative and rebellious, urging listeners to speak their minds and not be afraid to make some noise. Ideally, this message aligns with the band’s ethos, which celebrates the misunderstood, the outcasts, and the sexually liberated.

The song “Riot” is an electrifying single that will get audiences pumped and ready for more from The Scarlet Opera. With their debut EP Comedy now available, this band is poised to significantly impact the rock scene.

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