The Inside Scoop: How Jon Horst Engineered the Damian Lillard Trade to Milwaukee

The NBA world was rocked in the summer of 2023 when the Milwaukee Bucks acquired one of the league’s brightest stars, Damian Lillard, in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers. What makes this deal even more astonishing is that Lillard had his heart set on joining the Miami Heat. So, how did Bucks’ General Manager Jon Horst pull off this blockbuster trade? Let’s take a closer look at how this monumental deal came about.

In the lead-up to the trade, it was widely known that Damian Lillard was eager to leave the Portland Trail Blazers and had a strong preference for joining the Miami Heat. The Heat, a team known for its culture and recent success, seemed like the perfect fit for Lillard’s championship aspirations. However, as the saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” and in this case, it took more than just Miami’s interest to make the deal happen.

While Miami was the preferred destination for Damian Lillard, Jon Horst and the Milwaukee Bucks were not content to sit on the sidelines. The Bucks, fresh off an NBA Championship win in 2021, were looking to make a bold move that would strengthen their roster and solidify their status as title contenders.

The art of any successful trade negotiation is being able to offer something that the other party desires, and the Bucks had just the right pieces to intrigue Portland. They had a core of young, talented players and an ambitious vision. Horst knew that if they could put together a compelling package, they might be able to sway Lillard’s interest toward Milwaukee.

To make the trade happen, Jon Horst had to navigate through a complex web of negotiations. Joe Cronin, the General Manager of the Portland Trail Blazers, played a pivotal role in these discussions. The two GMs engaged in countless conversations, exploring various trade scenarios, and assessing how each party could benefit.

“It was obviously a lot of conversation a lot of back and forth give credit to Joe Cronin Portland’s general manager,” Horst shared during the broadcast between the Lakers and Bucks on ESPN.

“It takes a lot of partners, Aaron Goodwin Dame’s agent and our ownership were able to make it happen.”

In this exchange, the patience and professionalism of both Horst and Cronin were instrumental. The willingness to collaborate and find a solution that would work for both teams was essential in getting the trade across the finish line.

Another crucial piece of the puzzle was Damian Lillard’s agent, Aaron Goodwin. A skilled negotiator, Goodwin played a significant role in facilitating communication between the player and both teams. He ensured that Lillard’s wishes were heard and, ultimately, respected in the trade discussions.

Goodwin’s role demonstrated the importance of player agents in the modern NBA landscape. Agents can act as intermediaries, helping to bridge gaps between players and front offices, and ensuring that the player’s interests are represented.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ ownership group, led by Marc Lasry and Wes Edens, also played a pivotal role in the trade negotiations. Their commitment to building a championship team showed their willingness to make bold moves. Their unwavering support for Horst’s vision and the desire to invest in the franchise’s future significantly convinced Lillard that Milwaukee was a desirable destination.

The trade that brought Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks will go down as one of the most significant deals in recent NBA history. It wasn’t just the result of Lillard’s desire to join Miami; it was the culmination of meticulous planning, persistent negotiations, and the involvement of key figures like Jon Horst, Joe Cronin, Aaron Goodwin, and ownership’s commitment.

This trade is a reminder that in the NBA, every move is a team effort. The synergy between players, agents, general managers, and owners is what makes monumental trades like this possible. As the 2023-2024 NBA season approaches, the basketball world eagerly awaits to see how Damian Lillard’s presence will impact the Milwaukee Bucks and the league as a whole. One thing is certain: Jon Horst and the Bucks have made a statement that they are all-in on contending for another championship.

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