The importance of the NFL in American entertainment

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events every year around the globe. The league was founded in 1920 and is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the country.

The league started with fourteen teams all the way back in the 1920s and has consistently developed and adapted to the changing needs and desires of the fans who help make the sport what it is.

Without adapting and becoming so wildly entertaining with superstars like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, it may not have grown to the giant it now is. The players in the NFL now are known worldwide, their names will be on the back of jerseys across the globe while the NFL even now plays regular season games in different countries with its entertainment value growing globally.

While franchises may move from state to state, the fans remain no matter what happens. They tune in every week during the season and cheer on their teams, no matter whether they are top of the NFL odds for challenging for a Super Bowl or struggling along not even reaching the playoffs.

What makes the NFL so successful is that it reaches so many different communities and groups of people. There are stars in the league from all areas of the United States as well as some from abroad.

They give more people, especially young fans, a star they can look up to and support. The teams as well provide local pride and a sense of belonging which ensures their support remains strong and loud on gameday.

Super Bowl Anticipation

While the season moves on from week to week, the Super Bowl is always discussed and is the culmination of the hard work every player puts into the season. It is the game which hosts the best teams looking to add their names to the history books.

It is one of the most watched events every year in the United States, not just for regular football fans but for the casual fan as well.

The entertainment around it all builds as the weeks get closer and closer to its arrival.  For months prior many are speaking about who will be the half-time act. The musical influence brings fans of the artists to the game who may not have watched a single game all season.

For the entertainment value, it is an honor to be called up ad musicians and artists have put on some of the most memorable shows which only add more to the entertainment on the field.

Everything has to be bigger and better than the year before with fans paying such huge sums of money to attend. It is also broadcast across 170 countries worldwide, meaning they eyes of the world are tuning in to see how America entertains us all.

The buildup can be intense for many, with a Super Bowl appearance a cherished moment for every player as well as their supporters, even more so if they get to experience a victory.

In the buildup many fans and players go through a wide range of superstitions, for the standard to the downright bizarre. Wearing the same shirt without washing it while on a winning streak, eating the same breakfast or watching the game with the same people in the same pace to not jinx anything.

We even have the tradition of the United States President being asked to predict the outcome of the game which draws even more attention to the league and the Super Bowl from around the world.

The appeal of Fantasy Football

While many enjoy the game for what it is, even more people have got into the NFL through the Fantasy Football game.

Drafting your team at the beginning of the season to compete against your friends has become globally popular and a huge part of the NFL for many.

By drafting your team at the start of the season you can make trades and sign free agents throughout to try and beat your friends to reach your own Super Bowl.

It is a game which now has become so globally popular that it requires further analysts and expert advice on television, radio and online. The market has exploded and provided a wide range of jobs solely looking at bringing players up to the minute news on players and teams as well as options and stats to show who they should start each week.

 With the dedication and time people put into Fantasy Football, it has only added more to the appeal of the league and the entertainment it provides.

This is no longer a sport someone may tune into on the weekend, or a sport seen as just for Americans from people around the world. Its appeal continues to grow as it becomes more than just a game.

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