Vickie Guerrero On Embarrassing Stephanie McMahon On Live TV

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It has been six years since Stephanie McMahon fired Vickie Guerrero as a full-time employee on Raw. Yes, Guerrero has made a couple of one off appearances, but never again as a full-time employee.

The segment that featured Guerrero’s final appearance, as a full-time employee featured Stephanie McMahon, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, and Layla El. McMahon stated that first one to land a pool of liquid loses the match. She than order the three women to get Guerrero dump her in the pool.

However, she would fight all three ladies off and even pushed two of them in the pool, but would lose the match. After McMahon took advantage of Guerrero with her back turned. Vickie would get some revenge as she dumped Stephanie into the pool on her way out.

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I recently, had the opportunity to ask Guerrero how did it feel to embarrass McMahon on national tv.

“I just found my opportunity to get her back for throwing me in the mud. She had her back to me, and I thought it was my chance to throw her in the mud. It was a great time to see her in a pretty dress and her hair all done in curls and then throw her in the mud, said Guerrero.

“It was something I have always thanked her [for] because she allowed me to have fun. It was a great night, but it was sad to leave. It was also exciting to see what was next for me. Stephanie receives bad press sometimes because of the character she plays on TV.”

Guerrero went on to praise McMahon and the rest of her family for what they have done for the Guerreros over the years.

“I do not think there is a story that people do not talk about in regards to her. Stephanie is a beautiful person, and I admire her, in so many ways. She always has this memory that she left in my heart and I believe we were in Los Angeles for a Pay Per View. We came into the lobby and our girls that were five years apart were there. I think Shaul was maybe eight, and my little, one was three or four. They were playing with their toys in the lobby. Stephanie, Vince, and the whole McMahon family came in, and Stephanie came over and played with them. She talked to them, a犀利士5mg nd it was heartwarming because we think some much of the family.”

“Eddie and Vince had a great relationship and of course, they were talking to the side, while I was with Stephanie. To see her have a love for children and have the patience to take time to speak to and play with the girls. This has always been something that is special in my heart.”

She has since been on the outs with the company after signing with AEW, according to

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Written by Landon Buford

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