Shakur Stevenson Sends a Clear Message to Kambosos: “He’s Not on My Level”

In boxing, words can carry as much weight as punches thrown inside the ring. Recently, the highly skilled and undefeated featherweight champion, Shakur Stevenson, sent a pointed tweet towards his potential opponent, George Kambosos Jr., making it clear that he believes the Australian boxer is not on his level.

The tweet, posted by Stevenson, read, “With all due respect to dude, he’s not on my level. I want the top dawgs; he’s a pup. It ain’t no point of entertaining that.. We just ran into each other, that’s all.” This straightforward message left no room for ambiguity, as Stevenson firmly expressed his stance on the matter.

Shakur Stevenson, often hailed for his impressive boxing prowess and undefeated record, has consistently showcased a hunger for taking on the best in the sport. As a rising star in the featherweight division, Stevenson has set his sights on the top contenders and champions, seeking to solidify his position as one of the elite fighters in the boxing world.

With George Kambosos Jr. emerging as a notable figure in the lightweight division and capturing attention with his victory over Teofimo Lopez, there has been speculation about a potential matchup between the two fighters. However, Stevenson’s recent tweet made it evident that he does not view Kambosos as a legitimate contender for a bout at this time.

The message from Stevenson reflects his confidence in his own abilities and his desire to face opponents who are recognized as the best in their respective weight classes. It also highlights the intense competitive nature of the sport, where fighters are constantly seeking to prove themselves against the toughest competition available.

While some fans may have hoped for a showdown between Stevenson and Kambosos, the featherweight champion’s tweet indicates that he has set his sights on more significant challenges and is not willing to entertain a matchup with someone he deems to be a lesser opponent.

Stevenson’s unwavering commitment to facing top-tier fighters is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his ambition to leave a lasting mark on the sport of boxing. As a young and rising star, he has shown maturity and focus beyond his years, maintaining a laser focus on his goals and the legacy he aims to build.

As the boxing world eagerly awaits Shakur Stevenson’s next move, his tweet towards George Kambosos Jr. serves as a clear indication that he is aiming for the absolute best in the sport. With his talent, determination, and fearlessness, Stevenson continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division, and his quest for greatness promises to provide fans with thrilling moments inside the ring.

In the world of boxing, words can ignite rivalries and spark anticipation for potential matchups. Shakur Stevenson’s tweet towards George Kambosos Jr. certainly did just that, leaving fans curious about who Stevenson’s next opponent will be and eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his impressive boxing journey. As the young champion continues to rise through the ranks, there is no doubt that his future bouts will be must-see events for boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

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