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Seattle Missed The Emergence Of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, And James Harden, Says Ex-Player

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It’s hard to believe that Seattle has lived without an NBA team for over a decade. For people of a certain age, who live there for a while, the wound still seems fresh. It still seems weird to say Seattle and not mention the Sonics.

Well, Gig Harbor Brewing does not the Sonics to be forgotten. In celebrati樂威壯 on of the team that was in the Emerald City from 1967–2008, they just released a seasonal beer playing their respects to the team that is no longer in town.

The Sonics have been a very hot topic these last couple of months. Adam Silver recently revealed the Seattle is a city they are looking at. If they plan on expanding in the future.

Former and current players have also been very vocal about the city. Earlier this week, former Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Cedric Ceballos shares his thoughts about what Seattle missed by not having a team.

“They missed the emergence of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, to name three. It was a great basketball town. I loved the Key Arena and the Tacoma Dome, and I thought that was one reason the owner went to OKC. I mean, it’s his team; he has the right to move it, and the governors of the NBA voted for it. But, the rivalry between the Trailblazers and Sonics was huge,” said Ceballos.

“Just going to Seattle enjoying the people, food, and the weather. Even though it was 犀利士 mostly raining, I enjoyed it up there, and my daughter graduated from Seattle University. They are missing a lot not having a team, and hopefully, they will find another team to match. So, they can come back in the league to make it 32 teams.”

Mavericks assistant coach, Darrell Armstrong said just playing in the city was exciting.

“Just playing in Seattle was exciting to play specially after watch Lenny Wilkins teams and Gus Williams. I didn’t like basketball like that I always love the Seattle energy on TV and then to have a chance to play them in person was evening more exciting. Good basketball the NBA gotta get Seattle another team there,” said Armstrong.

There will be plenty of possible owners to help finance the team if and when Seattle gets another team.

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Written by Landon Buford

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