Prominence’s Latest Single, “SO CRUEL”: A Fiery Mix of Versatility

The Dutch singer-songwriter Prominence has released his latest single, “SO CRUEL,” – a fiery mix of hip-hop and rock showcasing his versatility as an artist. The song came about during a casual jam session with friends, where they collectively created the beat and sample for the track. Prominence then added his touch by writing the lyrics and mixing the final product.

Before discovering his passion for guitar, music had always been a big part of Prominence’s life. As a young boy, he listened to iconic bands such as Queen, Guns N’ Roses, and Nirvana. Today, he draws inspiration from artists like Billie Eilish, Metallica, The Weeknd, and Foo Fighters to create his unique sound.

“SO CRUEL” marks a departure from his usual genre, as he experiments with hip-hop and rap elements. This shift can be attributed to his new project, XI, a melodic rap album filled with heavy synths, 808s, and dark atmospheres. Prominence’s previous release, “SPIRITS IN THE ROOM,” was well-received and has already been added to multiple playlists.

With his magnetic personality and infectious music, Prominence continues spreading positivity worldwide. “SO CRUEL” is the perfect example of his dynamic range as an artist and leaves us eagerly anticipating what’s next from this talented musician.

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