Patrick Beverley Is This Generations’ Gary Payton, Says Shaq & Bobby Jackson

Courtesy of the LA Times

Gary Payton is arguably the greatest defensive point guard in NBA history. In fact, he is the only point guard to win the Defensive Player of the Year. He captured the award in 1996 that season he also led the Seattle Supersonics to the Finals against the Chicago Bulls, but would go on to lose in six games.

The Glove over the cross of his career was a nine-time All-Star and named to the All-Defensive team nine times. He also won a championship ring with the Miami during the 2005-2006 season. Gary was a trash-talking menace on the basketball court that would shut down his opponents and give you buckets on the other end as well.

Gary was a once in a generation player and there has not been anybody like him since. Well, hold on acc犀利士
ording to Shaq on Inside The NBA the other night said, “Patrick Beverly is a modern-day Gary Payton.”

Recently, Bobby Jackson an assistant coach with the Sacramento King stated that Beverley reminds him of a mini Gary Payton.
“I consider a Mimi, Gary Payton. He is able to defend his man as Gary did, but he has not been able to produce on the offensive end as Gary did,” Jackson told me.

Beverley was very influential in the Clippers game two playoff games against the Golden State Warriors on the defensive end and help them come back from 31 points. Both Kevin Durant and Beverley fouled out of the game in the fourth quarter.

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Written by Landon Buford

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