Nets’ Kevin Durant Could Be Out 4-8 Weeks With MCL Injury, Says EX-NBA Staffer

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The Brooklyn Nets announced on Sunday morning that after leaving Saturday’s game with the New Orleans Pelicans, Kevin Durant would miss some time with a sprained left knee injury. 

“Following an MRI this morning, Kevin Durant was diagnosed with a sprained medial collateral of the left knee,” the Nets said in a statement. “The injury occurred during the second quarter of Saturday’s game vs. New Orleans. Kevin Durant is expected to return to full strength following a rehabilitation period. Updates regarding his return will be provided as appropriate.”

Per Lakers former head trainer Marco Nunez via text, “the length that the nets could be without Kevin Durant will depend on the degree of the sprain. It can be anywhere between 4-8 weeks.”

“It’s hard to tell if it’s a second-degree without a copy of the MRI report or exam. I’m surprised that they are not even saying whether it’s a first or second degree.”

The Nets have just played Game 42, passing the mid-season point of their season, and are currently seated in second place in the East. Therefore, a lot of the season left can help the Nets compensate for some of the losses that might come while Durant is absent due to injury. However, only 2.5 games separate first-place Chicago Bulls and sixth-place Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Written by Landon Buford

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