Netflix Unleashes UNTOLD: Malice At The Palace Teaser

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November 19, 2004, is an everlasting day in the history of the NBA. For the first time, we show the unprecedented images of this night and listen to the story of those who lived it gives players the opportunity to explain their actions and defend their character against a night that left their reputation tarnished both on and off the pitch.


November 19, 2004, is a moment the NBA would rather soon forget, but for the players, coaches, referees, and fans who lived through it, it’s simply a night they can’t shake from their memory or their reputation. It was an early-season game, but for the perennially losing Indiana Pacers, there was no better place to stamp their newfound dominance than against the defending champions and bitter rival Detroit Pistons. As the game neared its end, Indiana firebrand Ron Artest shoved Detroit’s Ben Wallace, sparking a brawl between the two clubs. When one fan arced a perfectly tossed cup of beer onto Artest’s chest, it unleashed a type of melee that had never been seen before in the history of the NBA: players rushed into the stands, fans rushed onto the court, and police rushed into the building trying to control the pandemonium. Days later, in an effort to protect the league’s image, commissioner David Stern would suspend Artest for the entirety of the season, along with 30 games for his teammate Stephen Jackson and 25 for Jermaine O’Neal, the longest suspensions in NBA history. The media then followed, labeling the players involved an unruly bunch of “thugs.” Now, for the first time, we show the never-before-seen footage of that night and hear the story first hand from those that lived it, giving the players an opportunity to explain their actions and defend their character against a night that left their reputations stained both on and off the court.


From the creators of WILD WILD COUNTRY, comes a five-part docuseries event that brings fresh eyes to epic tales from the wide world of sports. From tennis to boxing to basketball, these stories aren’t the ones you’ve heard before, even if you think you have. Premiering weekly, each film kicks off at a pivotal moment — the big fight, the Olympics, the playoffs — and then delve deep into what happened beyond the headlines, as told by those who lived it, to reveal the grit, resilience, heartbreak, triumph, violence, comedy and pathos beneath the sweat. View the UNTOLD Official Trailer.


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Written by Landon Buford

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