Nahziah Carter Featured In Hoop Video With NBA Legend Jamal Crawford [Watch]

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Last December, Jay-Z’s nephew Nahziah Carter elected to leave the University of Washington and turn pro.

“After much prayer and conversation with my family, I have decided to leave the University of Washington and pursue my professional career. Coach Hopkins and the University of Washington have brought out the best in me. For that, I will forever be thankful. Forever a Husky!” Carter said in a now-deleted tweet.

Last week, Jamal Crawford posted a video of him playing pickup with many guys in a local Seattle gym.

On Friday night, Jamal Crawford was in Hoop Spaces on Twitter Spaces and shared that Nahziah Carter was the one who was guarding him in the video he tweeted out.

“Nahziah Carter, who was guarding me. That was Jay-Z’s nephew way more athletic,” said Crawford.

Then he was asked what Carter was thinking and did he know what Crawford was going to do.

“No, and that’s why he did that. That’s why I asked him because we play each other a lot, and I asked him, why do you keep faking like that? He’s like, man, and I don’t know what you are going to do. So, I am trying to make you do something by doing that. I said, oh, that’s new. I have not heard that one.”

“So, I am just actually reading and reacting. If I were a boxer, I would be Mayweather how my style would be because I’m a counter puncher. Sometimes I will do something twice to get you to bite on it, and then I go the third time. Or I would do it twice to get you to bite on it, and then I will counter off what you are doing. Then, you have to get up something. So, for me, that is my thought process when I have the ball. If they just sat there and looked solid, it would look as crazy or as bad. However, they are like I am going to get the ball.”

Crawford is currently a free agent and had been coaching his son’s basketball team.

“I am enjoying coaching my son’s team right now. Like, I am having a ball doing that, and I’ll tell you guys that I have gotten offers for front office and coaching in the NBA. I have put it on pause because I enjoy doing this and I’m the parent that is good with keeping the scorebook. The coach asked me to help out and that turned into a bug. I look forward to it and that’s the immediate step basketball-wise, and then the other will be there like tv, management hopefully at some point down the road.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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