Mistah F.A.B On Dame Dolla’s Diss Track: “Dame Is The Illest”


Courtesy of Mistah F.A.B.


Last month, Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard and Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley III dropped a couple diss tracks in each other’s direction after Bagley declared himself the best rapper in the NBA on ESPN’s First Take. A back and forth that was started by First Take’s Max Kellerman.

During the segment, Kellerman named his top two MCs in the NBA, one being Bagley and the other was Lillard. He then proceeded to ask Bagley, if he would be interested in battling Lillard on First Take. Bagley responded that he would battle Lillard if he was interested. Lillard would catch wind of the conversation and decided to respond on Twitter:

“I won’t be on first take… but if that’s what he want … shoot”

Bagley would take the first crack at things as he released his single No Debate. Shortly after appearing on First Take. “No Debate” would echo  Bagley’s comments ESPN, that he is the best rapper in the NBA. Although he didn’t mention Lillard’s name, it was implied.

Dame would immediately steal headlines away from the NBA Draft after released his first track in response called “MARVINNNNNN!!!???”

“This boy done called my name Haha. Amateur bars man! Grown man bars is something you have to deal with, so all that elaborating, fabricated ain’t going to equal up to this real S***. The things that we do for the glitz and the glamorous follow backs, like pics from your camera.  Was about to pass, because you’re still in a Pamper, bruh/And I never seen Floyd spar with amateurs, so this is the one and only time I’m picking up the phone. I’m the type to keep receipts until left alone, I was raised to keep the family feuds at home. On the set, I’m going to teach you how to set the tone. Where I’m from big bank take little bank. I’m a couple hundred million its a field day don’t respect it, it is not an issue to check it, never really competed but you boys getting reckless. I can tell you this isn’t really what you wanted though. Should have of DMed me again what you want to know? Say I’m lying I’ll put it out for the public.”

Dame wasn’t done, he would decide to release another track called  “BYE, BYE

“This ain’t my style/ I just do music in peace. “I promised not to give this issue no attention/ Recognize when people hype you on a bogus mission,” said Lillard.

Bagley, would respond with Checkmate the next day, “I been a cold-blooded assassin/ I don’t just put the ball in the basket,” said Bagley.


Someone is rocking with Dame and his diss tracks towards Bagley, is Oaktown own Mistah F.A.B. On Instagram Live on Monday night.

“You like it, I love it! That’s my doggy I am always going to rock with my doggie. Dame is the illest ya feel me,” said F.A.B


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Written by Landon Buford

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