Minnesota Vikings’ Fan Has Strong Message For NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell In Viral Video [Watch]


The Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday night by the New York Giants in their wild card match after a 31-24 loss at home.

Cousins was 31 out of 39 for 273 yards and two touchdowns. Cousins also had a rushing touchdown.

Though he failed to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter and threw a very short pass from the first marker down on the final conduct, he led Minnesota to an NFC North title and led them to a touchdown of a divisional round.

“It hurts,” Cousins told reporters after the game. “I’m probably missing one, but this is probably the toughest loss I’ve had in my career. It hurts.”

“Thirteen wins is really – haven’t really sniffed that before, so just the fact that the group, the Garretts and the Alexes that are free agents that there’s no guarantee they’re going to be back, I think it’s hard to walk off the field,” he explained. “You want them all back, and you just don’t know, and I think that unknown is always tough.”

Speaking of after the game as NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell was leaving the field when a Viking fan from the stands yelled his name and got his attention. just to tell him ‘F*** you.”

“Ay Rodger, f*** you! Yeah that s*** is rigged… You know your a b*** and all them blonde b***es too.”

In response to the fan saying ‘F*** You,” you can see the Commissioner gesturing toward the fan in the stands.

As for the Vikings, they conducted exit interviews on Monday with All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson sharing that it was a good season but not a success.

“You could call it a good season. I wouldn’t call it a success,” Jefferson said. “Everybody wants to get to the Super Bowl. That’s the success of the season. You can say you had a good run at the Super Bowl and where you wanted to go and where the future could bring you. That’s not exactly what we wanted, but it’s definitely good to look back on that and seeing the good things out of it.”

He added,  “comes with the success,” adding, “They pay me whatever they pay me. They don’t even really have to give me an extension this year. It’s not really something I’m worried about.

“I want to win a Super Bowl. That’s the thing I’m most focused on.”

Justin Jefferson is a candidate for NFL Offensive Player of the Year honors following him leading theleading the league in catches (128) and receiving yards (1,809).

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