Mike Baretz shares a unique pop sound “Take It That Way”

Mike Baretz presents a new single called “Take It That Way,” each line is being delivered by his fine tuned flow, to make it the perfect storm of audio to show off his full range of talent. The new single “Take It That Way” is another amazing record for this artist that will take his far. He dares to take chances with his music, and it pays off majorly for this rising talent, that is destined to be mentioned with the stars sooner than later, with his must hear talent that does all of the talking he will ever have to.

Take It That Way” undulates while always maintaining course. The forward drive of the beat allows Baretz to play with woozy atmospherics that never overtake. And his crooning abilities are in full force when he questions, “Don’t understand why you take it that way, oh.” In the video we see Mike in beautiful house in the woods. Lost in his thoughts, quick cutaways highlight the desperation threaded in the track. Shot in a style with grainy footage, the nostalgia is tangible.

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