Metta Sandiford-Artest’s Brother Reveals Real Reason He Took Job At Circuit City

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Metta Sandiford-Artest played 16 seasons in the NBA. During his almost 20 years in the league, he won an NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. He also won the a Defensive Player of the Year and made one All-Star team.

Throughout his career, he made a lot of money, according to, and he made $80 million in his career salary. However, during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, Metta worked at Circuit City.

“I was bored. I was partying a little bit too much,” Artest told ESPN’s Highly Questionable. “I was trying to find ways to stay grounded… so one of the things I did was apply for a job at Circuit City.”

“I got the job, 50 percent discounts and things. I showed up one day. I worked, I helped out some customers.”

Recently Artest’s brother Daniel Artest was a guest on the LADIWORKZ Instagram Live hosted by Brandi Morris. During their hour interview, Artest was asked to confirm a fact about Metta working at Circuit City.

“Yeah, he did the Circuit City thing while he was playing, that is true. I was in high school when he did that.

“No, he got the 40-hour check, and then it was over after that. When the Bulls found out they stopped him. He wanted the discount,” said Daniel Artest.

Fortunately for Artest, he would not have to work a regular job again and has made a pretty good life for him and his family.

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Written by Landon Buford

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