Melody Thomas Scott Reveals What’s Most Important Thing To Her About Playing The Role As Nikki Newman On Y&R

Last week, Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott, better known as the character Nikki Newman, was on CBS’ The Talk ahead of the show’s 50th anniversary in March of 2023. During her appearance Scott was asked why her character has resonated with fans for 40 years.

“You know, Nikki has been a fascinating role to play because she got to be so many people under the guise of one, and that’s made it not boring for me,” said Scott.

“I say that, and I had so many storylines over the years, but you know what’s important to me is the continuing love story between Victor and Nikki. That, to me, is the essence of Gena City, and it still continues to this day, and I couldn’t be happier.”

The show also referenced Scott’s upcoming crossover into “The Bold and The Beautiful”,

Sheryl Underwood asks, “How much fun is Nikki going to have?”

She reacts, “Well, I can’t tell you that right now at this moment, you have to watch.” Underwood continues, “Do you get to slap anybody? What happens? I need to know”.

Scott responds, “Ummm, no comment.”

In a different segment, Scott talked about learning that The Talk’s Natalie Morales would be joining the cast of Y&R and her picking up things quickly

“Natalie is a dream lets say that right off the bat. Of course, I’ve been watching her on this show…for a million years on Dateline, I’m just a crime nut. So, when they told me well you know, Natalie is going to come over and work with you, I said what? Are you kidding? I geeked out. I was such a fan, shares Scott”. “We didn’t even know if she could act or not…She just dove right in, and just incredible.

Morales adds, “Listen, just watching the way you all move so quickly. I mean, it is the fastest show. They record pages and pages and pages in just a day, and I’m still stuck on my first line”.

“Scott says, “Remember that day that they suddenly, the writers came to you with all new material. They gave her all this new dialogue, She had about five minutes to learn it and she did it beautifully”.

Morales reacts, “I think that’s the live reporting side of me.” All this season, “The Talk” is going to be sharing exclusive clips of their favorite daytime dramas in the “Sneak Peek of the Week.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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