Melbourne-based singer-songwriter releases a new heartbreak single called “Hurts so Bad” with Josh Teskey, directed by trains Hernandez. 

WILSN “hurts so bad” is a breakup song that sets you back to all the love that broke you, the emotional roller coaster of loving someone with all your heart only to get betrayals and heartbreaks in return. “hurts so bad” is soul fusion of pop, jazz, and Motown, it is a very classic and contemporary song that is ahead of its time.

WILSN’s angelic voice changes the atmosphere we’re ever it’s played. It brings back the pain of never being loved enough.” Hurts so Bad” is a heartbreaking, soulful song that showcases the full force of WILSN and josh Teskey’s excellent performance.
“hurts so bad” is built from a trumpet melody by a friend and acclaimed horn player Billy Aukstik ( mark Ronson, etc.)

This heartbreak song is accompanied by a captivating video showcasing the passion both WILSN and Josh Teskey share. You can’t but love this one-of-a-kind heart-wrenching song that fills you with tears. We had to bring this lovely single to our page,
Bringing you the best is our pleasure.

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