Lyrical Genius Trevor Spitta Releases the new single “FEEL SUMN”

Trevor Spitta brings one of those undeniable tunes with his new song, “FEEL SUMN.” Trevor Spitta is a fast-rising hip-hop singer and songwriter from New Jersey. He fuses hip-hop, pop, and elements of rock into his music to create emotive rap ballads and bouncing trap bangers.

The latest single “FEEL SUMN” from Trevor Spitta is about wanting to feel the emotion in a world where we are numb to much pain. The music is laced with infectious grooves and dreamy pad work to make you want more as you get lost in the sound. Once the stage is set, Trevor Spitta steps in as the perfect emcee, controlling the listener with his songs that bring a commanding presence to him that makes you listen intently to his lyrics and appreciate life more.

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