Los Angeles Clippers Forward Kawhi Leonard Speaks On Bridging The Gap Through His Music Projects

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Earlier this month, it was announced that Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is working on his second album. The project is a follow-up to Kawhi Leonard Presents Culture Jam Vol. 1, ” which the two-time finals MVP released last October just a few months after suffering an ACL injury against the Utah Jazz in the Playoffs.

According to its website, Culture Jam is intended to “challenge the norms” that exist at the intersection of sport and entertainment.

Leonard’s creative partner Eesean Bolden recently spoke with PEOPLE’s Natasha Dye and shared that he and the Clippers’ forward want to give back to the community they grew up in.

“We want to give back to the areas that we’ve grown up in, which is the inner city youth, and to be able to provide experiences, just give them things that they need and just be an inspiration for the kids that kind of come out of our area to say, ‘Hey, you can make it as an athlete or make it as an artist at a high level if you put the work in,” said Bolden.

On Monday afternoon, the Clippers held their media day to kick off their 2022-23 season. During his press conference, Leonard was asked by Nick Hamilton of Nitecast Media about his music projects.

“Music has been very impactful for me just growing up. My mom played her music [when] I was a child and when I was of age able to play what I like in the household. It just gives me motivation [because of] some of the lyrics that are being played,” said Leonard.

“I know how to filter out the entertainment from things that I need to either drive me or motivate me to move forward, and I know, as of now, I’m older. I had some time off with the injury, so I could listen to more music and develop those projects on my team with Eesean Bolden, but it’s just been fun. It’s been fun to connect with artists and see their passion. See what else they’re into when they’re out of their craftsmanship and not working on music and see what they like or engage in.”

The Clippers’ regular season begins next month.

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Written by Landon Buford

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