Lakers’ LeBron James & Bronny James In Attendance For Ohio State Vs Notre Dame

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James along with Bronny James are in Columbus to watch his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday night take on the Notre Dame Irish.

In a recent interview with SI Bronny James is leaning towards collegial basketball rather than playing for the NBA G-League, Overtime Elite, a league overseas, or other pro options in 2023-24, according to Savannah and LeBron James.

“Bronny wants to have a college career,” Savannah James said.

“He hasn’t taken 1 visit yet and has only had a few calls with coaches and universities. When Bronny makes his choice you’ll hear it from him,” James tweeted.

“I don’t give a s— what nobody says,” LeBron said. “Our quest and our journey is not predicated on what everybody said. You going to have five people that love you out of 10. Then you have five people that hate you out of 10. That’s just the way of the land. No matter what you do. 

“You can be a guy who literally goes to work at Starbucks, and there’s going to be four or five customers that come in and hate the way that you made that chai tea latte. It’s just how it works. And the faster you can realize that happens, the better off you’ll be, because you’re not going to respond or give that too much energy,” James continued.

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Written by Landon Buford

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