Kobe Bryant Statue to Include Daughter Gigi and Honor Jersey Numbers 8 and 24, Unveiling Set for August 8, 2024

The legacy of Kobe Bryant continues to be celebrated, as plans for a statue outside the Arena in Los Angeles are taking shape. The poignant statue will honor Kobe Bryant and incorporate his beloved daughter, Gigi, who tragically lost her life alongside her father. According to, the Lakers plan to unveil the statue on August 8, 2024, a nod to Bryant’s iconic jersey numbers, 8 and 24.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has previously shared the intention to erect a statue in honor of Kobe Bryant, an NBA legend who inspired generations of basketball enthusiasts. The tragedy of Bryant’s passing in January 2020, along with his daughter Gigi and seven others, shook the basketball world. In a tribute that reflects his influence and impact, the upcoming statue is set to commemorate his exceptional legacy on and off the court.

The source also disclosed that Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s widow, is actively engaged in the plans for the statue. While the artist for the piece has yet to be chosen, Vanessa’s involvement ensures that the figure will resonate with the family’s vision of honoring Kobe and Gigi meaningfully. While Team spokespeople have not yet confirmed the news, the Lakers’ commitment to preserving Kobe’s legacy is evident.

The choice of unveiling date holds significance beyond its numerical alignment with Kobe Bryant’s jersey numbers. On August 8, 2024, the Lakers will pay tribute to the iconic player and his daughter Gigi, forever preserving their memory in bronze.
Lakers fans have been eagerly awaiting a fitting memorial for Kobe Bryant, whose impact on the sport and beyond remains immeasurable. As the community continues to reflect on his remarkable legacy, many have speculated that the statue’s unveiling would be scheduled for 2024.

Social media platforms have seen Lakers supporters express excitement and anticipation for the upcoming tribute. Incorporating Gigi into the statue underscores her close bond with her father and their shared love for basketball. The figure is a testament to their profound connection and a poignant reminder of Gigi’s aspirations and dreams as a budding basketball player.

The forthcoming Kobe Bryant statue outside the Arena is a testament to a basketball icon’s enduring legacy. With Gigi by his side and a nod to his iconic jersey numbers, the statue’s unveiling on August 8, 2024, will symbolize the timeless impact that Kobe and Gigi Bryant have left on the world of basketball and the hearts of millions. As fans eagerly await the tribute, the statue promises to be a poignant and enduring symbol of their legacy for future generations.

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