King YC Gearing Up To Release Latest Project Entitled “Differences”

Fusing infectious hooks with hard-hitting hip-hop bars, KingYc is an emerging rap artist from Mississippi currently making waves globally. He first rose to prominence back in 2018 when he became a viral sensation off the back of his track “Bussabag”. Thousands of fans flocked online to create videos of themselves dancing to the song and he has since accumulated over 300’000 followers on Instagram alone.

Bold, daring and impossible to ignore — here’s one artist that’s impossible to put
In a box. His st犀利士 yle is dazzlingly unique, bringing club bangers that brimming with personality. He’s highly versatile, blending together a flurry of different styles. From hyped up come up tunes with heavy-hitting hip-hop anthems, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in KingYc’s ever growing collection of timeless tracks.

Growing up in the small city of Picayune in Mississippi, the young artist was always surrounded by music. He was inspired by the older artists around him as well as the rappers he grew up on like Boosie, Webbie Pimp C and Bun B, Soulja Slim. Life on the mean streets of America was tough for him, though music, he saw as his ticket out of poverty. He proceeded to work tirelessly on his craft, as hip-hop culture shaped him into the man he is today.

He was taught early-on the importance of street smarts and learnt how to survive on the streets from an early age. The journey to becoming a fully fledged recording artist hasn’t been an easy one. He lost his father in 2008 which made him move out of state with his older brother. The experience had a profound impact on him and he decided to begin focusing on music. He began working with other local artists and has since crafted his own unique style that’s different to anything else out there right now.

Checkout YC’s track list for his upcoming project “Differences”

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Written by Landon Buford

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