Jeanie Buss Questioned Phil Jackson: Why Didn’t You Leave Kobe Bryant in Against the Dallas Mavericks? [Watch]

In the world of sports, certain moments become etched in history as legendary performances that transcend the game itself. Such was the case when Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, put on a jaw-dropping display of basketball prowess against the Dallas Mavericks. During this unforgettable game, Bryant seemed to be a force of nature, outscoring the entire Mavericks team on his own after three quarters. However, there was a decision made by then-Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson that left Lakers owner Jeanie Buss curious and questioning.

The year was 2005, and the Lakers were facing off against the Dallas Mavericks in what would become an iconic game etched in the memories of basketball fans worldwide. As the game unfolded, Kobe Bryant’s brilliance shone brighter than ever. With his mesmerizing scoring ability, he amassed an astonishing 62 points after just three quarters, while the entire Mavericks team could only muster 61 points. It was an otherworldly performance that had everyone witnessing history in real-time.

As the Lakers held a comfortable lead heading into the fourth quarter, Coach Phil Jackson made the decision to take Kobe Bryant out of the game. This move sparked curiosity and debate among fans and analysts alike. Jeanie Buss, Lakers owner and daughter of the legendary Jerry Buss, was also left intrigued by the coach’s decision.

On their drive home after the game, Jeanie Buss couldn’t resist asking Phil Jackson about the reasoning behind his choice. With Bryant’s scintillating performance fresh in their minds, Buss was eager to understand why the coach didn’t leave the unstoppable force that was Kobe Bryant in the game to continue his scoring onslaught.

“I’ll never forget our drive home, I got in an argument with Phil [Jaksons], I said why didn’t you leave Kobe in he was scoring at will, Buss said to Jonathan Soffel on the Big Baby Sports Podcast.

He said Jeanie what’s the point we were going to win the game what was the point? You don’t do that. That’s not what you do.”

In response, Jackson likely provided his perspective as a seasoned coach who understood the value of preserving his star player for the long haul of the season. With a comfortable lead and the game seemingly in hand, Jackson likely saw an opportunity to rest Bryant, preventing any unnecessary risk of injury in a game that appeared to be securely in the Lakers’ favor.

Yet, in the eyes of many fans and even Jeanie Buss herself, there was an irresistible allure to witnessing history in the making. Kobe Bryant’s potential to rewrite the record books that night seemed too tantalizing to pass up. Nevertheless, as a coach renowned for his strategic prowess and long-term approach, Phil Jackson’s decision to protect Bryant’s well-being prevailed over the desire for a historic individual scoring feat.

Kobe Bryant’s performance that night will forever be etched in basketball lore. It served as a testament to his unparalleled scoring ability, work ethic, and competitive spirit. His scoring prowess demonstrated the kind of magic that only a few players in the history of the game possess. Meanwhile, Phil Jackson’s coaching decision showcased the delicate balance between embracing greatness and safeguarding the well-being of his star player.

In the years following that unforgettable game, Kobe Bryant continued to dazzle the basketball world, etching his name among the all-time greats. His contributions to the Lakers’ legacy and the sport of basketball as a whole will never be forgotten.

As fans reflect on that fateful night, the question of whether Kobe Bryant should have been left in to chase history remains a captivating topic of discussion. In the end, it serves as a reminder of the unique blend of strategy, passion, and moments of brilliance that make the game of basketball so captivating and enduring.

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