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Jalen Green Is A Better Person Than Basketball Player

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On Tuesday night, we learned that the Detriot Pistons will have the number one pick in the draft. They like 29 other teams are looking to add pieces to their team that are not only bring value and talent on the court, but assets within their respected communities.

Following announcement that the Pistons had the number one pick, Pistons general manager Troy Weaver talked to the media about some of their plans.

Obviously, we get to add another young player to the restoration process,” Weaver said. “We’re excited to be in this position, but it means that we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’re going to be diligent about it. It always helps to add the No. 1 pick and such a talented group of players to choose from. We’re excited.”

The Houston Rockets are doing the same as they have the second pick in next months draft, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

“Rockets GM Rafael Stone on exploring options with the No. 2 pick, including potentially trading it: “You have to do the work. You have to use the allotted time. You have to have the discussions. You have to go through the process,”said MacMahon.

NBA franchises look for how players can be assets on the floor and their respected communities. So, to find that out Jalen Green’s character off the court, I reached out to his trainer Mark Edwards.

According to Edwards, Green loves his family and friends and studied how Michael Jordan helped put many African Americans in a position of power at Nike and elsewhere. He also studied how LeBron James built his empire. By putting his friends Rich Paul and Maverick Carter to succeed in their respective fields. Green wants to put friends that grew with him into positions to do the same.

“Jalen is the same type of guy. He wants to affect his community and empower the people around him. He really takes time out to inspire people, such as younger players that work out with him. Kids who are still in high school will work them through professional drills and inspire them to fight through things when trying to finish the workout. He is trying to be the best version of himself. When you talk to him, he is really attentive and trying to grasp everything you are saying and will ask questions if he doesn’t understand something,”said Edwards.

“He is such a great person, and he is probably a better person than he is a basketball player. He really values relationships around him, and he really loves his teammates. The way he loves his family, his mother, little sister, he has embraced and empowered the friends that he grew up with within his community in business situations.”

He takes time out to help train kids younger than him to learn the proper techniques on the court.

“I think he is wise beyond his years with the way he interacts with other people is very enduring. He is like the ultimate big brother. He allows younger players to work out with him during his pre-draft workouts. Showing them the difference between trying to work out to be an amateur and trying to be a professional. He is really hands-on with the younger players guiding them through different drills and when things are not going right. Pulling them to the side and talk to them about their work ethic and body language. So, a part of him is a killer on the court, and he also has saintly ways about him that you wouldn’t easily recognize—just his compassion for younger players.”

He would continue: ” I am not going to name the player, but he is definitely too many players. We had many different kids from his community come out and work out with him, and he has never turned them away. In fact, he will say, let me show these young kids how it is done, and that is big. I do not think a lot of people genuinely do that. People do photo-ops, and he is doing it without any cameras around, and he is not looking for anything in return. Off the court, I think he will do well in any community drafted in and understands his role on the court.”

The NBA Draft is on Thursday, July 29, at the Barclays Center and will be on ESPN.

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Written by Landon Buford

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