JA Morant’s Father Reacts To His Comments Saying ‘He Cook’ Michael Jordan

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Bleacher Reports’ Taylor Rooks recently interviewed Ja Morant, and during that interview, the reigning Most Improved Player of the Year said he “would’ve cooked” Jordan.

He added, “Nobody got more confidence than 12,” Morant said, “I’m never go and say nobody gon’ beat me in one-on-one or anything.” 

Current Chicago Bull Zach LaVine was recently interview by TMZ and was asked about Morant’s comments.

“I wish I had Ja’s confidence,” LaVine said, per TMZ. “I think it’s all just love and fun at the end of the day. We’re talking about stuff that you’ll never know because you never get to play him.”

But when we asked him to make a choice, LaVine admitted he was staying with ‘His Airness’.

“Michael Jordan, man–he’s the best of all time,” the two-time All-Star said.

Cameron Buford of Voice Of The Fans recently caught up with Morant’s father Tee Morant at Summer League in Vegas. During their conversation, Buford asked the older Morant about his son’s comments towards Michael Jordan.

“I mean, he was just always overlooked. So, that’s where the chip on his shoulder came from, so and then he always had that don’t want to lose,” said Morant.

“Won’t lose mentality, which excelled him to prepare him to be who he is right now. You could tell that by what he said he would cook Jordan, yeah, and that’s real life, and that’s really how he’s geared.”

He added, “We are talking on the other end. When Ja is on offense. Ja has the mindset that nobody can stop him one on one and I loved it. Nobody can deal with that boy on the island.

Speaking of Ja Morant, he has been coaching Kennedy Chandler at the summer league.

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Written by Landon Buford

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