imwanted Transmitted A Collaborated Single Track, “Cybertruck”

imwanted is a rising star in the alternative hip-hop scene, known for his unique style and catchy beats. His latest release, “kittycat,” is a perfect example of his talent, blending trap and hip-hop elements with a happy and chill vibe. The track is an ode to imwanted.’s love for his feline companion, showcasing his playful personality and love for animals.

With its infectious chorus and smooth flow, “kittycat” has garnered attention from fans and critics alike, cementing imwanted. as an artist to watch in the hip-hop world. The track’s upbeat energy and relatable lyrics make it the perfect addition to any playlist, whether you’re a cat lover or just looking for some feel-good vibes.

Based in the USA, imwanted draws inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, incorporating rock, pop, and electronic music elements into his hip-hop sound. With “kittycat” and other releases, he is carving out a unique space in the industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of alternative hip-hop.

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