Here’s Revealing The 5 Mysteries Associated With Horned Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa is the plant name from which we get Kratom extract. You can find Kratom plants in countries of Southeast Asia like Indonesia. The extract contains alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The herb is known to have stimulating effects on humans.

The tree looks beautiful. It may grow up to 25 m and have a trunk with a diameter of 0.9 m. The tree grows straight and, generally, has a smooth, grey-colored outer bark. The leaves are glossy and have a dark green tinge. The tree produces deep yellow-colored flowers that grow in clusters.

Through this article, we would like to share our thoughts on a new and unique strain of Kratom known as the red horn Kratom. We will check five points people consider mystical and review a Kratom vendor based in the USA that goes by the name of okie kratom.

The Different Kratom Strains

Many Kratom strains are available, among which probably, only three are famous. These include the red, green, and white strains. There are two more strains which we will discuss later.

Red Vein Kratom Strains

You can get red Kratom strains from fully matured Kratom leaves. Red maeng da is a famous red vein Kratom powder. Red vein Kratom strains like Red Indo, from Indonesia, are the strongest Kratom strains.

More recently, red horn Kratom and red Bali have become two of the best strains in the red vein category.

Green Vein Kratom Strains

Cultivators produce green Kratom strains from semi-matured Kratom leaves. Green Malay is a fantastic Kratom product in green strains. Green Malay Kratom and green maeng da Kratom have an outstanding balance of alkaloids in them.

Other popular strains in the green vein strain category include a green dragon, green bumblebee, etc.

White Vein Kratom Strain

A white Kratom strain isn’t readily available in the market because of the less availability of white vein leaves.

However, white Borneo is a famous white vein Kratom. Other examples of these strains include white maeng da.

Apart from these three, there are two other strains: yellow vein Kratom and Bentuangie Kratom. However, these Kratom strains don’t have good potencies like the other three.

What Is Horned Kratom?

Horned Kratom is one of the many Kratom strains available in the market. It has a unique shape and is a well-known Kratom strain in the current market, and red horn Kratom is a rare strain among the red strains.

You can find Horn Kratom in Borneo jungles. It has spikes forming around the leaf edges. Thus, people call it horned Kratom leaves.

It is known that Kratom trees produce different kinds of leaves in different regions around Southeast Asia. Thus, spikey leaves are typical in the jungles of Borneo.

Check the five critical points you should know before consuming the strain.

What Are The 5 Things You Should Know About Horned Kratom?

As a beginner, you might have many questions regarding Horned Kratom. So we have unraveled the 5 mysteries to give you a better insight into the strain.

Is It Organic?

In short, horn Kratom is organic because we can find the extract in the Mitragynaspeciosaplant. Horn Kratom contains alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, alongside many metabolites inside it, just like other Kratom varieties. However, there may be marginal differences in the quantities of these compounds.

However, limited supply can make getting your hands on the strain challenging. This is simply less supply because it grows only in Borneo. Due to less strain supply, it becomes a rare and unique product, and the prices are high.

As more and more people say no to synthetic drugs that help with pain relief, social anxiety, and other kinds of pain, these organic drugs capture the market.

What Should Be The Dosage Of Red Horn Kratom?

As a beginner, start with a small dose and gradually step up the game. For example, red Bali, a red strain, Super green Kratom, and white Sumatra are highly potent and can have effects even at smaller doses.

Generally, one may dose between two to ten grams to see the effects. A dose lower than two grams is known as a microdose, anywhere between two and six grams is a low dose, and anyone dosing above eight grams is dosing heavy.

However, the dose depends on age, body type, and other factors.

You may lose between two to five grams for battling certain problems. We call it small doses of Kratom because Kratom shows its psychoactive effects when consumed above six grams.

Beginners should consume a smaller dose so that the effects stay controlled and the user doesn’t face any problems.

High doses mean anything above ten grams, which we recommend to only those with experience, not new users.

People trying red maeng da, red Sumatra, or any other varieties of red color strains should never exceed 10 grams because there may be adverse effects.

Are All The Strains Of Horned Kratom Obtained From The Same Plant?

You can only obtain some of the strains of horn Kratom from a single plant. As we discussed earlier, every tree has a time of maturity. The more the tree ages, the more the leaves mature and the higher the strain’s potency.

White horn Kratom will come if the cultivators pluck the immature leaves to produce strains. However, if the leaves are semi-matured, it’s time for green horn Kratom, and the fully matured horned leaves yield the potent red horn Kratom.

Thus, it’s better to have different plants for different Kratom strains with horned leaves.

Once the cultivators finish picking the leaves, they undergo the drying process. Thus, different strains and leaves undergo different methods of drying. It is the process that is the reason for the strain’s color.

The drying method also determines the final alkaloid composition of the strain. Sunlight plays a crucial role in drying the leaves.

At last, the leaves undergo crushing to produce powder products or get punched into capsule forms. Companies sell these products individually or mix them to form different blends with a balanced potency. The last step is known as blending and processing.

How Potent Is Horned Kratom?

Different varieties of horn Kratoms have different potency levels, the highest being red horn Kratom, while the lowest is white horn Kratom.

The herb produces good stimulation when taken in a small dose, and higher doses may lead to pain relief.

People utilize stimulant effects for various reasons. It is well-known for its properties of stimulation. Choose the best Kratom products from the best Kratom vendors to enjoy the best possible effects.

In How Many Forms Is Horned Kratom Available In The USA?

There are various forms of horn Kratom available in the US market. The most famous one is the red horn Kratom powder.

However, capsules are equally famous because they don’t have the characteristic bitter taste of the herb and are light on the stomach.

Besides these two forms, there are products like Kratom shots, which you can consume easily on the go. In addition, there are Kratom gummies, Kratom honey sticks, etc., which are gaining popularity with time.

Horn Kratom strain is a relatively new product in the stimulant market and has already produced a buzz, becoming one of the best Kratom products.

Okie Kratom – A Brief Review

Okie Kratom is one of the best vendors in the United States of America. They have a great collection of Kratom products and other botanical products. They constantly update their collection and are known for their consistent quality.

Okie Kratom Products

The company sells Kratom in both powder and capsule form. Okie white Kratom products are some of the top-selling products. Besides Kratom, Okie Kratom also sells akuamma seed, blue lotus, and passion flower extracts.

Okie Kratom Product Prices

Okie Kratom provides some of the best prices among all the vendors. All the Kratom powder products start at $2 for a 0.5-ounce sample. The 2 oz packet costs $8, and the 250 grams packet costs $18. The Kratom capsules start at $12.50 for 2 oz and go up to $40 for 250 grams.

Why Choose Okie Kratom?

There are a few reasons why we recommend Okie Kratom. These include:

  • Many users rate the company highly on the internet.
  • Most users love the quality of the products sold. The products go through intense quality control that enhances the quality of the products.
  • There are various payment modes during checkouts, such as Credit or debit cards, Apple pay, etc.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got to know enough about the plant from Southeast Asia. People may also consume kratom for pain and anxiety and other issues like arthritis, PTSD etc.

Unfortunately, finding horn Kratom can be tricky because all the Kratom vendors don’t sell it, and because it is new to the market, not even the top vendors are selling it.

However, we see there is a demand for it in the market. So it would lead to big companies sourcing the plant from Borneo and making their products to cater to the demand.

It would help if you always were responsible when consuming the herb. In no circumstance should you overdose because it may lead to side effects, which can sometimes be life-threatening?

You should consume the products at your own risk and never force anybody to consume them.

If you wish to experience Kratom from one of the best vendors selling quality products, check out okie Kratom. They have some of the best red Kratom products on the market. We bet you won’t regret the decision that you made.

What do you think?

Written by Nora Roberts

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