Harry Taylor – my youth

Harry Taylor shares a new track called “my youth”, a catchy pop song, down to earth hooks and chilling sounds. The song “my youth” is that music that will forever make music fun and fresh to enjoy. When you think you’ve heard it all, he gives you innovation like no other to give you a sound that transcends culture, with a worldwide appeal that will touch dreamers and music fans everywhere. As it says in the title itself, Harry is ready to give up everything for love, including the best days of his life, his youth.

“When I fall in love I always end up falling so hard. I love the idea of a hardcore relationship just like the ones from the movies. A young love where they make mistakes along the way, love and hate each other at the same time. The paradox of building up something important just to destroy everything 2 seconds later because you know that you both would be back and start it all over again.”

When you hit play you see that they are. The production brings a mainstream sound that gives it that worldwide appeal, that you know will help it travel around the world, and his vocal performance is masterful in it’s tone to match the energy needed to not only deliver the impressive writing, but make sure as many ears will hear this song as possible.

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