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Grizzlies Dillion Brooks Catches Stray Bars During Polo G Freestyle [Watch]

During a freestyle session on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, rapper Polo G took a moment to deliver a diss aimed at NBA player Dillon Brooks. The unexpected call-out caught the attention of listeners and sparked a wave of speculation and curiosity. As Polo G unleashed his lyrical prowess, he made it clear that he had some choice words for the Memphis Grizzlies player.

While the exact details of the diss are not provided, it seems that there is some underlying tension or disagreement between the two individuals. Polo G’s freestyle on Power 106 FM has left fans wondering about the nature of their dispute and what might have led to this verbal exchange. As the news of the diss spread, it ignited discussions among hip hop enthusiasts and basketball fans alike, eagerly awaiting a response or further clarification from Dillon Brooks.

“If he a lame like Dillion Brooks, I’ll take him Straight off the  “If he a lame like Dillon Brooks, I take him straight off the roster.”

In the world of rap, such instances of artists taking shots at each other are not uncommon. Freestyles often serve as platforms for artists to express their thoughts and emotions, and sometimes these expressions take the form of disses or challenges. As the story unfolds, fans will be eagerly watching for any updates or potential rap battles between Polo G and Dillon Brooks, as they both navigate their respective fields with skill and determination.

Justin immediately started cracking up, unable to contain his laughter as Polo unleashed a barrage of freestyle rhymes. With each cleverly crafted verse, Polo showcased his lyrical prowess and quick wit, leaving Justin in stitches. The laughter echoed through the room, filling the air with an infectious joy that was impossible to resist. Polo’s freestyle continued for another two minutes, his flow smooth and effortless, captivating everyone in the vicinity. By the time he finished, the room was abuzz with applause and admiration for Polo’s impressive skills. It was a moment that would be remembered for its lightheartedness and the sheer talent on display, providing a temporary escape from the pressures of everyday life.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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