Funktion_og Takes “Alice in Midland” to the Next Level with a Mind-Blowing Remix

The electronic music world is buzzing with the latest release of Funktion_og x Nerves Baddington x Inkline’s “Alice in Midland (feat. Inkline & Nerves Baddington) [funktionog remix].” The Denver, Colorado USA producer’s take on the original track is a stunning example of his unique sound that blends glitchy, atmospheric synths with complex rhythms.

The Funktion_og remix adds a new layer of depth and complexity to the already captivating track. The producer manages to preserve the haunting vocals of Inkline and Nerves Baddington while infusing the song with his signature style. The result is a mesmerizing and energetic track that takes listeners through an otherworldly soundscape.

The Funktion_og remix of “Alice in Midland” is a testament to the producer’s incredible talent and unique musical vision. The track is a must-listen for electronic music fans and anyone looking for a sonic experience.

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