Ela Ozturk’s latest single, “Healing,” reflects the difficulty in pain.

Ela Ozturk’s latest single, “Healing,” takes listeners on an emotional journey of letting go of the love that no longer serves them. The track is a powerful reflection of the pain and difficulty that comes with choosing to move on. With delicate rhythms and hard-hitting lyrics, Ela Ozturk creates a sentimental ambiance that is relatable and comforting.

Ela Ozturk’s Turkish background and exposure to a variety of musical movements helped shape her unique blend of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Blue-eyed soul, and Pop. Her powerhouse vocals and confessional lyrics make her one of the new and exciting artists to watch out for.

“Healing” was written by Ela Ozturk, Morgan Clae, and Tommy Sanker, produced by Morgan Clae, and mixed by Tommy Sanker. The single is a testament to Ela Ozturk’s artistry, and it’s sure to resonate with listeners who have experienced heartbreak and the process of healing. Ela Ozturk’s “Healing” is a reminder that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go, but it’s necessary to move on and find better love.

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