ED Reed Shares His Truth And Then Proceeds To Call Out Shannon Sharpe & Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe shared his thoughts on Ed Reed’s removal as head coach at Bethune-Cookman.

Reed announced over the weekend that the school will not ratify its contract after weeks of negotiations. This came after Reed posted a video on Instagram Live in which he criticized the Bethune-Cookman facility and its commitment to student-athletes.

On Undisputed this morning, Sharpe said he figured out what Reed was trying to do, but would have liked to have done otherwise, given the unique challenges the HBCUs face.

“I just wish he had gone into the admin. I wish he hadn’t gone in public with it, put it on IG Live,” Sharpe said. “Just go to admin and say ‘Guys, this is unacceptable. I shouldn’t have to have my players picking up trash. I shouldn’t have to have my players doing XYZ.’ This is the responsibility of the institution, to do said things.”

Reed had been hired back on December 27 to take over the program at Bethune-Cookman. The former Baltimore Ravens star has spent the last three seasons at his alma mater in Miami, Florida, first as chief of staff and then as a senior football advisor.

A group of Bethune-Cookman players, led by Branden McDonald, have started a petition to try and reinstate Reed as head coach.

On Wednesday night, Reed jumped back on Instagram and called both Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless.

“I’m talking to you Shay Shay. Get out the club Shay Shay & come talk to me. Call me, ask me. And I tweeted at you & called you that,” said Reed.

“See he’s a HOFer, I’m a HOFer. Put the Hennessy down cause you got your story wrong. And I know like to fix it cause you on that fence you dig ? So, come get the truth. Cause these youngsters out here hurting & one of them used be you… Don’t forget where you came from.”

Reed also posted a conversation between Sharpe and himself., which can be seen below.

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