Eco$ystem Returns With New Hit Single “B.A.H”

Eclectic rapper Eco$ystem from Melbourne, Australia, is breaking barriers and inviting the world to experience his vibrant community through the release of his latest single, “B.A.H” (feat. POOKIE). Known for infusing his music with a playful disposition that contrasts with his street-hardened world view, Eco$ystem has emerged as a key artist in Melbourne’s rap scene, spearheading the formation of the homegrown label, NO HANDOUT.

In January 2020, at the age of 22, Eco$ystem found himself on tour supporting Juice WRLD, performing to packed 5000-capacity rooms. Little did he know that this tour would be Juice’s last headline tour ever. Drawing inspiration from artists such as NBA YoungBoy, Pop Smoke and Blacc Zacc, Eco$ystem has since carved a niche for himself in the dynamic landscape of the rap genre.

Eco$ystem’s latest release, “B.A.H”, is a trap/rap track that will appeal to fans of the aforementioned artists. The track exudes energy and charisma, offering listeners a glimpse into Eco$ystem’s world of vibrant beats and clever wordplay.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “B.A.H”, Eco$ystem shares, “‘B.A.H’ for me is about me having fun and just providing a fun wordplay of me describing a good night, with the idea of wanting it to be a party anthem and city girl anthem, with the addition of POOKIE.”

The creative process behind the single was just as dynamic as the track itself. “I freestyled it in the studio with the idea of trying to make a festival song”, Eco$ystem explains. This spontaneous approach adds an authentic and raw quality to the music, capturing the essence of a carefree and lively celebration.

As Eco$ystem continues to make waves in the rap scene, “B.A.H” stands as a testament to his ability to create music that transcends boundaries and resonates with a diverse audience. “B.A.H” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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