Dusty Flavor and La Nefera drops a new single “Forever and Ever”

Dusty Flavor comes together with La Nefera for the ultra exciting new song “Forever and Ever”. The record is packed with so many engaging elements it hard to focus on one to start. The production sets a strong tone with a fun sound, filled with bounce to make you move. Once you get lost in the sound, they deliver impressive rhyming that is filled with infectious charisma, that makes you buy in completely, as you hear their supreme skills for every second of their verses.

Dusty Flavor and La Nefera “Forever and Ever” is a full experience of music that connects in the audio. It’s music you can hit play, and be entertained to the fullest, with must hear music and visuals that make you want to be apart of the fun majorly. They shine like the stars they are, and bring major talent to keep you a fan for time to come.

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