DJ SAVA and Petra’s “Move Like Chaplin” Brings a Fresh Vibe to the Dance Floor

DJ SAVA, the most famous Romanian DJ, has once again collaborated with the talented singer Petra to bring us the summer hit “Move Like Chaplin.” The song continues SAVA’s famous impact, “I Like The Trumpet,” and has an energetic dance-pop vibe perfect for starting the party.

With Petra’s powerful vocals and SAVA’s signature sound, “Move Like Chaplin” is a catchy tune that will make you move your feet. The music video is also a sight to behold, featuring colorful visuals and lively dance moves that perfectly complement the song’s upbeat rhythm.

Overall, “Move Like Chaplin” is another excellent addition to DJ SAVA’s list of hits and a must-listen for anyone who loves dance-pop and adult contemporary music. So turn up the volume, hit the dance floor, and move like Chaplin!

CLICK HERE TO STREAM DJ SAVA & Petra’s “Move Like Chaplin” on Spotify. 


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