Damien “Big Percy” Roderick Shares How True Legacy Vodka Got Started

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True Legacy Vodka is owned by Damien “Big Percy” Roderick and his business partners out of New York City. According to Roderick, it was a project that they have been working on for two years. It evolved from a business that Snoop Dogg had in place.

“The True Legacy was almost a two-year development with my partners out of New York, and that relationship came a business deal, that Snoop Dogg with a liquor brand that he had called “Cuca Fresca“. Cuca Fresca that Dogg is endors樂威壯 ed by and is invested in. And they weren’t getting the activations like they were supposed to from the other side of management. So, it came to the point that one day Dogg told his partners, they are now my partners. Snoop said, get with Kevin, who is apart of management, to link you with Big Percy. Big Percy is with me; he part of the lifestyle, and he is the lifestyle,” said Roderick.

“So, Kevin linked me with another partner Kelly-Rappa. We formed a friendship and she was so happy with the things I was doing for her. In just in passing, she said, Big P If I ever do another brand I’m doing it with you. Course people say things all the time, and I did not think she was serious, and two years later. She calls me and says ” Big P, are you ready. And I said f*** yeah.”

“Just to reiterate on the True Legacy Brand, we are the tastemakers and we are the culture. Snoop has had numerous liquor deals that I have been a part of and have marketed, advertised, but it was now time to have some ownership. I’m an owner and CEO of the company the face, and this brand is seven-times distilled, and I am not going to say f*** Ciroc vodka, but I am definitely f*** Tito’s Vodka. That a five-time distilled that is benefitting off the culture,” Roderick shared.

He would continue:

“I wanted to do something comparable to their brand and a little bit better, so we are seven-time distilled, 100 percent Gluten Free, made with organic corn, and at the end of the filtration process, we run it t犀利士 hree-times over diamond. Nobody else is doing that there is no smell and no hangover.”

Roderick wanted the public to know that it was time to have ownership in the liquor space and other businesses that helps influence the culture.

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Written by Landon Buford

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