The Conscious Campaign: Privi Podcast: Whose Future is it Anyway? (ft. Marisa)

The Conscious campaign is back again with their Privi Postcast:  Whose Future is it Anyway?  featuring their special guest Marisa. Marisa is currently a graduate student pursuing her masters degree in Education and School Counceling.  Her goal is to work as an elementary counceling and she is currently working at a local school in the Seattle Metroplex as a mentor and tutor role. Through that position she was able to make the proper connections to become involved into an afterschool program.  Marisa is now teaching an after school program and running a leadership club.  

The podcast pannel dives into why they chosed to pursue their masters degrees and part of it was because it allows them to command more income in their perspective fields.  Attending graduate school is a lot of time and financial commitment. So, their advice to their audience is make sure you are continuing your educational goals in the field of your choice.

Graduate students are typically working a certain amount of hours and trying to make sure their assignments are done on time. There will be numerous nights where you might not get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. This is a full-time job in itself and The Conscious Campaign Podcast wants you to be prepared to work if you choose to pursue higher education.  The full interview with The Conscious Campaign Podcast featuring their special guest Marisa can be listen to below.

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Written by Landon Buford

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