Cinoevil’s “Perogies” – A Mouth-Watering Ode to Comfort Food

Cinoevil’s latest single, “Perogies,” is a must-listen for anyone who loves good old comfort food. This catchy rap track is an ode to the delicious Polish dish, perogies, which are dumplings filled with mashed potatoes, cheese, and other savory ingredients. Cinoevil’s clever rhymes and smooth flow perfectly capture the essence of this beloved comfort food.

Recorded in a Smoke Shop: A Unique Studio Experience

One of the unique aspects of “Perogies” is that it was recorded and edited in a smoke shop. This unconventional studio setting adds an edgy, gritty vibe to the track that perfectly complements Cinoevil’s raw lyrics and old-school hip-hop style.

A Video Inspired by Scarface’s Iconic Scene

The music video for “Perogies” is just as creative as the song itself. Inspired by Scarface’s famous mountain of cocaine scene, the video features a mountain of perogies instead. This tongue-in-cheek reference adds a playful touch to the otherwise moody track and will make viewers smile.

In Conclusion

Cinoevil’s “Perogies” is a fun, unique track that combines old-school hip-hop with a love of comfort food. From the unconventional recording studio to the animated music video, everything about this single is sure to delight listeners and make them hungry for more.

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