Chavo Guerrero Sounds Off On His Relationship With Vickie Guerrero

The rift within one of wrestling’s most famous families continues to widen, as Chavo Guerrero recently revealed that he no longer speaks to his aunt, Vickie Guerrero. The Guerrero family has a storied history in the wrestling world, with Vickie being married to Chavo’s uncle Eddie Guerrero from 1990 until his untimely death in 2005. Following Eddie’s passing, Vickie went on to manage Chavo on-screen in WWE. However, it seems that personal issues have strained the relationship between Chavo and Vickie.

In a recent interview with Bill Apter for WrestleBinge, Chavo Guerrero expressed that he no longer has a relationship with Vickie due to ongoing issues between Vickie, her daughter Sherilyn, and Vickie’s husband. When asked about his current relationship with Vickie, Chavo stated, “I don’t really talk to Vickie. We don’t talk. Especially after this and her response, I was kind of like, ‘Urgh’. That’s just not good.”

Chavo made it clear that he fully supports his cousin Sherilyn, known as Shaul Guerrero, in her recent allegations against her stepfather, Kris Benson. Sherilyn accused Benson of sexually assaulting her during a cruise in early 2020. Vickie responded by threatening to take her daughter to court and stating that they would no longer be related.

Chavo emphasized that the situation between Vickie and Sherilyn is deeply personal, and he does not want to interject himself into their dispute. He stated, “I really can’t comment on that one too much. That’s really between her and her daughter, and I support her daughter 100% in her coming out against the allegations, but that’s really between them two, and I don’t want to interject myself into that.”

Shaul Guerrero, in support of her sister’s account, backed up Sherilyn’s allegations against Kris Benson. It is evident that the family dynamics and the allegations have created significant tensions and strained relationships within the Guerrero family.

The public disclosure of these personal struggles highlights the complexities of family relationships, even within the wrestling industry.

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Written by Nick White


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