Cam’ron Reveals What He Heard Wizards’ Jordan Poole To Said To Try To Violate Warriors’ Draymond Green

In a surprising turn of events, the NBA world was abuzz with the recent trade that sent Chris Paul to the Golden State Warriors and Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards. While trades are not uncommon in professional sports, this particular transaction caught the attention of hip-hop artists Cam’ron, Ma$e, and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson. In an exclusive interview, Cam’ron revealed some intriguing rumors surrounding the trade, shedding light on the alleged tensions within the Warriors’ camp.

According to Cam’ron, the primary reason behind Jordan Poole’s departure from the Warriors was the reported displeasure of Draymond Green, a prominent player in the Golden State lineup. Rumors suggest that Green had issues with Poole both on and off the court, which eventually led to his trade to the Wizards. Cam’ron claimed to have overheard Green express his dissatisfaction with Poole during a conversation.

The alleged incident occurred during a practice session when tensions escalated between the two players. Cam’ron explained, “I was hearing him say not guaranteed, but they were saying his reasons Draymond punched him in his face. They said the first day he told Draymond Green, you know Michigan and Michigan State have beef.” The reference to the rivalry between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University sets the stage for a heated exchange between Poole and Green.

According to Cam’ron’s account, the verbal exchange between Poole and Green took a personal turn, escalating the conflict between them. Cam’ron elaborated, “He told Draymond, ‘I fed more bes in Michigan State than you went there.'” The comment, aimed at challenging Green’s pride and accomplishments during his time at Michigan State, likely added fuel to the fire.

Furthermore, Cam’ron suggested that the tension carried over to other aspects of their interaction. “Then they were running sprints or something,” he continued, “and he told Draymond, ‘Don’t worry about it, you’ll be in Sacramento next year.'” These remarks seemingly undermined Green’s future with the Warriors and implied that his time with the team was coming to an end.

Cam’ron’s revelations didn’t end there. He claimed that the pivotal moment that led to Poole’s departure was an exchange centered around Draymond Green’s Twitter handle, “@money23green.” According to Cam’ron, Poole questioned Green’s right to use the term “money” when he was allegedly facing financial difficulties. The rapper stated, “He told Draymond, ‘Why is your Twitter handle “money green” when you’re broke and you’re not gonna get a new contract?'”

This comment, questioning Green’s financial situation and future contract prospects, allegedly played a significant role in breaking the camel’s back, leading to the trade that sent Poole to the Wizards.

While these rumors remain unverified, Cam’ron’s account sheds light on the alleged tensions within the Golden State Warriors’ camp. The reported clash between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, fueled by personal attacks and strained interactions, appears to have resulted in the shocking trade. As the NBA offseason progresses, fans eagerly await official statements from the players and organizations involved to gain a clearer understanding of the motivations behind this unexpected swap.

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