Cameron Boozer Is Better Than Lakers’ LeBron James Was At The Age Of 15, Says Legendary Trainer “I Saw The Greats Early”


Cameron Boozer, Cayden Boozer, and Christopher Columbus HS recently defeated Wheeler High School 73-70. The twins sons of former NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer combined for 44 points, which was half the teams points.

According to, “Wheeler led 17-16 after the first quarter and took a 37-32 advantage at halftime after closing the first half on a 9-2 run.”

However, the Explorers were able to go on a run in the third quarter to take a 56-51 advantaged lead by Cameron Boozer, who scored 14 points in the quarter.

On the other side Isaiah Collier, Jelani Hamilton and Arrinten Page had 57 of Wheeler’s 70 points in the defeat.

Speaking of Isaiah Collier’s recent USC Trojan commit, his trainer Mark Edwards had a lot of praise for Cameron Boozer Edwards was in Hoop Spaces on Twitter Spaces recently.

“I want to give everyone a heads up that there’s something on the horizon, that I don’t know if are really paying attention to or notice. But, the next coming, the next phase of superstar like basketball [ player] is on the way, and he will probably be in the NBA in the next three years, his name is Cameron Boozer. Okay? I had the privilege, I flew to Atlanta for 36 hours to watch him play against my high school team that I train and develop Wheeler High School. And I got the number one player in the country there named Isaiah Collier, who is going to USC next year,” said Edwards.

“This kid [Cameron Boozer] is 15 years old legitimately 15 years old, he is 6’10 and he’s did somethings on the basketball court I have never seen before in my life. And I saw Michael Jordan in high school, I saw Michael Jordan caught a pass from out of bounds jump straight up in the air, turn in the air, and take a jump shot from top of the key. He didn’t come down.”

He added, “This kid Cameron Boozer, he’s the son of Carlos Boozer, he is everything. Better than LeBron at the same stage, [He’s the only 15 year that got a hundred percent on 247], he’s that good. Offensively, defensively, he jumps out of the gym. He did something I’ve never seen before, we have an elite big that is going to USC as well, his name is Arrinten Page. He’s probably going to be a one and done kid, he’s 6’10 or 6’11, and Cam tried to post him, Cam [spun] off him, so now AP [Arrinten Page] is in front of him denying the pass. He quickly cut backdoor and he was opened by one step & AP is right their with him. They through a chest pass to him, that kind got to his shoulders, the ball came to him, he didn’t take another step, he just jumped straight up in the and dunked it.

He dunked a pass that was literally at his waist. I’ve never seen that before in my life. I saw Len Bias, Michael Jordan, I saw the greats early, I never seen that play in my life, He’s got a soft three point jumper, he blocks shots, rebounds, and he talks. Has a good head on his shoulders, no bad body language at 15 years old, I’m you this is better than LeBron James at the same stage. It’s not even a comparison.

James and Boozer were teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2003-04 season before Boozer signed with the Utah Jazz the following season. They were also Olympic teammates in 2004, 2008 winning both a gold and bronze medal.

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Written by Landon Buford

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