Brad Pitt Reveals Sad Revelation

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is one of the top stars in the industry. He recently opened up on the late Chris Cornell and Soundgarden.

Brad Pitt names Soundgarden as ‘the greatest band in rock and roll’

Over the years, Pitt has drawn inspiration from various sources while preparing for his roles. He has cited authors like Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett as influences while also mentioning cinematic masterpieces such as Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove and Miloš Forman’s incredible 1975 comedy One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

In addition to these, Pitt is also a huge music enthusiast and considers himself to be a hardcore Radiohead fan. During a conversation with a journalist, he revealed his opinions on Radiohead: “What is so important about Radiohead is that they are the Kafka and the Beckett of our generation. Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are precisely that.”

While explaining the magic of Radiohead’s music, he added: “What comes out in them I don’t think is anything they could actually articulate, but I would certainly say that it’s that which we all know is true somewhere when we’re in our deepest sleep. That is their importance, and this movie hits on the same level.”

However, there is another band which Pitt considers to be his all-time favourite. In fact, he referred to them as the “greatest band in rock and roll” during an interview where he revealed that 1990s rock greatly influenced him. That band was Soundgarden, the iconic American rock outfit helmed by frontman Chris Cornell.

It is to be noted that Pitt eventually became great friends with Cornell, but he was introduced to the band’s music when he starred in Tony Scott’s cult classic True Romance, which Quentin Tarantino wrote. Although it was a brief cameo, Pitt stood out as a comical stoner – a quintessential Tarantino character. Unfortunately, the actor recently announced his plans for retirement in the near future because he wants to focus on producing movies.

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