BMF Drops In January 2023, According To La La Anthony

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La La Anthony was the last guest on The Crew Has It With Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr. During their chat, Anthony talked about getting killed off of the Original but still receiving support from both 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp despite living the show.

Since then, Courtney’s become like family to me, the best Mentor, just a great individual for advice, inspiration, and everything. [Now] look at all she’s doing and how she’s killing it. So, you want to start forming your tribe and your crew. So, I’m just grateful that I have people like 50 and Courtney who, even now that I’m not on Power, still support her and me behind me. I mean 50, grab me up for BMF [Black Mafia Family]. Season two is coming in January,” said Anthony.

La La revealed that her character’s name in BMF is similar to her character’s name in Power.

“Do you want to know something so crazy? Guess what my character’s name is in BMF? Markisha, I’m like, I went from Lakeisha to Mark Keisha the Keisha’s, but it’s been fun. See, 50 once again, just a man of his word like we going to do this, La. You give your all to I don’t play around like I put my heart and soul and everything into it, and when it was time for another opportunity after Power, he called me the same thing audition,” Anthony said.

“It is not like you are just getting this stuff. You got to work for this stuff. I auditioned for another role on BMF for the first season, and it didn’t work out. Keisha, because at that time, I was doing the Chi. So, I couldn’t do both, and then the second season came, and it was an incredible opportunity for this new character, and I auditioned again.”

Anthony later revealed that she spent five months filming the BMF series along with her other cast mates.

“So, I’ve been in Atlanta for the last couple of months; we wrapped in July, but I was out there for about five months filming BMF.”

As Anthony shared, BMF Season two will make its debut on Starz in January of 2023

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Written by Landon Buford

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