Big 3 Leadership Says Big 3 Video Game Could Be On The Way


During a conference call this morning with the Big 3 Leadership that includes Co-Founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, Chairman of the Board Amy Trask, and Commissioner Clyde Drexler a question was asked about a possible “Big 3 video game” due to the structure of the league.

“We have contacted some of the biggest and the best at it, but our timing was not great for what needs to be done to get something like that off the ground. Our sport was a different level when we first initiated those contacts, and a lot of people told us no in the beginning, or maybe and what have you. Now, they are interested in talking with us, and we plan on discussing details with the companies that we have been approached by, and we understand that we are ahead of the curve. It takes time for people to catch up and we don’t mind it we will wait for them to catch up.” Said Cube

Clyde Drexler would add that they have talked to 2K and EA Sports, and they both wanted to know more about our game. Now, that they had the time to sit back and observe they’ve become more and more intrigue. I would envision in the future as Cube said. At first, they said no no, but now they are saying this has some weight and legs, and they want to be a part of it. We would love to have a Big 3 on 2K Sports or EA Sports it’s our dream because we want to grow the game and make it a global sport. Drexler would continue with; as you heard before 3 on 3 basketball is the most played basketball in the world. It is an original form of art, and the Big 3 is the professional league the original form. So, it is only natural.

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Written by Landon Buford

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