Ben Prentiss’ “Relax” – A Weird and Wonderful Musical Experiment

Kansas City’s Ben Prentiss has created something truly unique with his latest single, “Relax.” The experimental electronic track features a blend of alternative hip-hop and indietronica, resulting in a moody and energetic sound that’s distinctly his own.

But it’s not just the genre-blending that makes “Relax” stand out. As Prentiss admits, it’s probably the weirdest song he’s ever composed – precisely what makes it so unique. He approached the music with playfulness, creating something raw, vulnerable, and original.

For fans of experimental music, “Relax” is a must-listen. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and the joy of making music simply for the sake of it. With its unique sound and infectious energy, it’s easy to see why “Relax” is one of Prentiss’ favorite songs on his EP.

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